full stack developer / designer / game dev

Things i've worked on.

Godot Game Engine

Helping godot with its design and usability has been a very rewarding and fun experience. I wanted to bring quality material and a crisp interface making the experience of using it a pleasure.

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GDQuest is a site dedicated to teaching game development using Open Source software.

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Ctrl PyME

Ctrl PyME is an advanced web based point of sale system focused on small and medium size businesses, it offers a simple yet powerful interface to manage your stores, analize your data and increase your sales. In this project i took the role of full-stack developer and designed the logo and the product webpage.

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Kitchenbot makes managing your restaurant a breeze, using cuting edge technology it improves restaurant workflow and gives you valuable insights about your business. Although this project was never released i was the full-stack developer and designer.

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