full stack developer / designer / game dev

Godot Game Engine

Helping godot with its design and usability has been a very rewarding and fun experience. I wanted to bring quality material and a crisp interface making the experience of using it a pleasure.

2018 Website redesign

The project had a major release with many new features and a new website was needed to show the new version and to give the project a more professional look.

Engine UI Overhaul

The engine now has a more pleasant, consistent and modern look, almost every part of the engine UI was improved.

Godot engine's 500+ custom icons

Godot uses a lot of icons, since every game element can be uniquely identified by a node type, these nodes need to be easily distinguishable and memorable. I designed more than 500 icons to make the engine easier to use and give every node a unique and memorable look.

FOSDEM + GodotCon 2018 materials

T-shirts, business cards, posters and other cool stuff was made for the Godot stand at FOSDEM 2018 and GodotCon 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.